Product Design

The process of creating ideas has its own catchphrase— ideation. This trial-and-error learning and development process most often ends in abject failure- but one comes to understand that as a necessary step. Fail your way to success.

The distance some of these ideas travel and the stories that follow, only to be reshelved (or enter limbo forever), could fill volumes. A great friend and associate says what it takes to be any kind of success in product development is to create the next “gotta have it” product. He may be right, but until then, it’s fun to work on the ideas that come to mind. Check out some of the wildest schemes in the Product Concepts page. Some of these ideas have already seen their fifteen minutes of fame. There are several more not pictured, which are currently being shopped to manufacturers and investors. Many more on the drawing board, calling for attention.

On The Market ncaaflorida

Scoreboard Clock

Coming Soon zclipptype

Zip Mount

Models and Prototypes