Wild Dream Book

Everybody has dreams. What are yours? Are you anywhere close to getting there? Check out the Wild Dream Book, a videoblog 22 video stories deep, chronicling:

• the stories of many of my own (continuing) efforts to land another  product hit (Product Design) (crazy but sometimes fascinating inventions and/or entrepreneurial business models),

• and news magazine-style pieces three featuring other amazing creatives,

• and the ongoing story of an incredible inner city youth ministry making a real difference in the lives of young men, Youth Leadership of Memphis (Wild Dream book page 18, The Silver Lining).

The link goes to the page showing all the posts, starting with the most recent, tenderlovingcake.com. Scroll around- some of them have their owns stories. For instance, be sure to check out Car-i-o-ke, Wild Dream Book page 7. This video, about a working prototyped of an invention allowing the user to play digital drum sound bytes on the steering wheel, caught the attention of a Hollywood producer, who wished to feature it on the pilot for a show about inventing. The pilot was never produced. My 15 minutes of fame… is still due!