More than three decades experience in visual communications ideation, and articulation. Founded in 1987, Oates Design began the mission: develop and enhance the client’s corporate image through conceptual excellence and the highest production integrity.  Our clients range from from small business to Fortune 500 corporations, many of which are household names – see Client List link.

Our fortés: corporate identity (branding), signage, and environmental design, trade show displays. print promotion: direct mail, brochures, annual reports, print ads, posters, announcements and packaging. Talented contractors provide digital development: websites and social media, and Oates Design also maintains relationships with highly capable, award-winning marketing and public relations firms to offer our clients complete visioning, planning, account service and media access.

Product Design: A picture is a thousand words; we can show you what an idea looks like, from nothing to print to product, including prototyping. See fun, crazy, unprecedented product ideas at the Product Design page. Do you have a great product idea? Send over your NDA* or download ours. Oates Design can also develop patent drawings and the development of the detailed written abstract for your patent applications. Partnering to develop and license (and sometimes promote) products conceived here is always of interest. Oates Design filed patents  for several of the product concepts on the Product Design pages.

*non-disclosure agreement


While employed in the ad biz at Dallas agency, The Sherrill Company, Bill Oates was graduated with a BFA at Southern Methodist University in1980, Opportunity knocked and he was hired away to develop creative for Unigraphics, Inc. in 1982. 1987 saw a return to hometown Memphis to found Oates Design. In 2012 Oates Design opened an office in Nashville, and continues service to clients with international reach from Middle Tennessee.

Three daughters and their Mom keep life interesting… The process of creating and applying new ideas, ideation, helps keep design exciting.